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PeachFur Fleece, Division of HighMark Outdoor

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PeachFur Fleece is a registered trademark and a division of the HighMark Outdoor fleece clothing company. HighMark Outdoor has been delivering quality fleece products, in a timely manner, for greater than 11 years. Some of our clients include the Mammoth Mountain Ski Resort, Spencer Gifts, Dapy, Intrawest Resorts, June Mountain Ski Area, as well as numerous independent retail shops. Just recently government agencies, schools, hospitals, and church organizations use PeachFur Fleece.

 Our PeachFur division was created for the purpose of specializing in the production of stylish fleece Duvet Covers, Blankets, Throws and Baby Blankets. Thus far, PeachFur's market has been aimed primarily toward interior design companies, specialty stores and direct public via the Internet. It has been our goal of PeachFur to maintain our integrity by limiting the sale of our products to unique and quality retailers. Recently, businesses and companies have been purchasing our product for special event and promotional purposes.

 PeachFur's Duvet Covers and Blankets originated high in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of Mammoth Lakes California, for purpose of function as well as fashion. The warmth and durability of our products make them ideal for the coldest of climates, while their breath ability and light weight make them welcome in warm climate areas.

 PeachFur offers an alternating array of prints, with custom prints available on larger orders. Our more popular prints include: Animal skin prints, Mountain home fleece prints, and Baby prints.

 The unique characteristics of our Duvet Covers have been their, inconspicuous openings at the head of the cover, allowing for easy insertion and access to the comforter. Injected molded zippers have replaced standard buttons, preventing the comforter/feather bed from protruding out of their cover.

 Why PeachFur products?

 Hypoallergenic                          Machine Washable                         Durable Soft

Breathable                                 Warmth without weight                     Flame Resistant

Environmentally friendly              Made in America                            Highly compressible


 If you have a specific idea, theme or print you would like to see, or have custom made, please give us a call.