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PeachFur's fleece blankets are warm and soft as they sound can be washed over and over with limited fade. And unlike wool, our fleece doesn't itch!

Because of fleece's compressible, warm and lightweight characteristics, outdoor enthusiasts and coach potato's alike have made it the thick fleece blanket of choice. Whether it's in front of a campfire or your television, PeachFur� keeps you cozy and warm. All products are anti pill, hypo- allergenic, machine washable, water resistant and fire resistant.
Now Available! PeachFur's large throw our most popular fleece blanket 58 x 72 14ounce 330gsm anti-pile hypo allergenic and fire resistant.
PeachFur Fleece blankets are available in our fleece blanket prints,
cow fleece blankets, leopard fleece blankets, zebra fleece blankets, tie dye fleece blankets, and all kinds of different prints just let us know what type of fleece print you are looking for.

� Specialty Print Blanket - 58 x 72 $55.00
� Solid Color Blanket - 58 x 72 $40.00

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Additional colors and prints available for larger orders on all fleece blankets.

Here are our solid colors:
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Request for refunds must be submitted no longer than 5 days after receiving the product.

We ship everything U.P.S. or Priority Mail. All deliveries are subject to availability. Your order will arrive within 1-2 weeks
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