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PeachFur Fleece is always willing to help when we can for people in need. Like the aftermath of hurrican Sandy. A warm fleece blanket can give some sort of securtiy after being in this type of situation. So if you can please help us help people in need.
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PeachFur Fleece in Africa

PeachFur� Gives Back, Blanket Donation

PeachFur Fleece does more than just sell corporate apparel to successful companies worldwide. As a matter of principal, we strongly believe in giving back. Since inception, PeachFur has provided people in need with quality clothing, blankets and other items. While we give primarily to US based charities, PeachFur contributions extend as far away as Africa, Afghanistan, and South America. We�re proud to support an array of organizations including churches, orphanages, veterans groups and hurricane survivors.

Founder and owner Jason Moore created the �PeachFur Gives Back� program after visiting the tsunami-impacted area of Indonesia.

"Witnessing first-hand, the calamity and suffering that a natural disaster in a third world country can create, I realized we had to do something, no matter how small it may seem. Something as simple as a blanket can provide immediate life sustaining assistance and comfort to an individual or family."

Jason Moore - Founder & Owner PeachFur�

Fleece vests for Afganistan

PeachFur� Making A Difference

In January I ordered fleece blankets and vests from you and I must say you were very wonderful to work with. We were truly pleased with the goods and especially the delivery. If you will recall, we were working within a very tight window in order to get the goods to a Special Forces Team in Afghanistan and you came through just as you promised. The team�s response was that their needs were pretty much met but that if the vets could send blankets, clothing and school supplies which could be distributed to the local Afghans, this would help them greatly in winning the hearts and minds of people across the countryside. The Oruzgon Province is one of the existing Al Qaeda strong holds in the country and the team could benefit greatly from such a gesture. I hope you are proud of the part you had in this patriotic endeavor. It all speaks to the greatness of the American spirit. Thank you for helping make this an overwhelming success.

Osborne Oakley - Captain and former member of the 20th Special Forces

Thank you for your blanket donation to the Silent Auction for the 4th annual Josh & Gus's Run for a Reason which benefited the Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood (SUDC) Program. We are very excited to announce that the event earned over $75,000. You will never know how deeply your support is appreciated.

Tami Lunden - SUDC Program

PeachFur�s 2014 goal is to ship a 40-foot cargo container packed with 10,000 blankets delivered to an area in critical need of humanitarian assistance. We can�t do it alone. We are actively seeking donations to our charity from individuals and businesses to accomplish this effort. At this time we are seeking donations to help people in the hard hit areas of Hurricane Sandy.

� Solid Color Blanket - $6.75

Cancer Fundraiser for Kids