Winter is Coming! Get Your Fleece Jacket Now!

Are you thinking about getting into a Fleece jacket this winter? Fleece jackets can be some of the hottest and relaxed items of clothing that you can use. Fleece Jackets have been around for quite a while and are used all over the world. They are even quite fashionable and come in many different designs and shades.

The most typical fleece jacket is the strong shaded jacket that has a partly zippered neck-line. This allows you to zip the cover all the way up to your chin if you want to. A fleece jacket is very warm and great for layering and can be used throughout the winter season in all freezing conditions. They are especially useful in the fall when you don�t want a large jacket to put on or bring around, but still would like a jacket that keeps you warm if the weather goes cold.

Light weight fleece Jacket: These are the most everyday type fleece jackets, made out of polar fleece, and usually mostly available in all color types. We usually integrate 200gsm or 300gsm fleece into our design . These fleece jackets are excellent for people who are working or playing in the outdoors.

Mid-weight Fleece Jacket: These are bulkier than their light and portable friends, and are actually the most commonly used fleece. These offer both protection against the cool and the capability to still use a lightweight and portable fleece jacket. These are usually 200gsm, and are used as an layer in temperature ranges that are somewhat cold, but still breathable enough for exercising.

Heavy Weight Fleece Jacket: These jackets have 300 weight fleece, and are ideal for chillier climate where a light and portable and breathable jacket isn�t really a aspect. This is a fantastic jacket to use for snowboarding, hiking or wind sports where during the day it is extremely cold.