Fleece blankets with an extra comfort zone.

Comfortable Blankets Can Create an Extra Comfort Zone For Users

The importance of blankets can only be measured after judging its comfort level. Keeping this in mind, we have manufactured some top-notch quality blankets which are not only soft and comfortable, but durable at the same time. We are a registered company and a division of High Mark Outdoor Fleece Apparel. Our team of expert professionals is known for delivering premium quality fleece products in a timely manner. Our products have been gaining popularity over the past 14 years.

We have a wide clientele base which has relied on our services for long time. There are other independent companies and governmental organizations which have developed a good professional relationship with us. To learn more about our services, make sure to visit our site at http://www.peachfurfleece.com/.From bulk to retail orders, we can be your solution.

Our reliable bulk baby blankets are too good to miss. Available in a wide range of color combinations and lovely prints, users can get the best products from us in whatever specifications you�d like. Whether 30X40 or 30X36 we have it all. These are manufactured using 100% soft poly anit-pile fleece with many options available, the most popular, 30X40, are zebra blankets for babies, cow print blankets and baby leopard sections. We also have quality baby blankets in solid colors. They are anti-pilling and hypo-allergenic. Most people like our Coral Super Soft blankets they come in 3 sizes.

Apart from animal printed baby blankets, our company is also known worldwide for special wholesale fleece blankets. There are different numbers of blankets available in the bulk section, like 24, 36 or even 48. These premium products are available in high quality, anti-pile at unbelievable low prices. These products can even work wonders as a promotional gift item. The eco-friendly aspects add another benefit.

You can even get bulk fleece fabric from our online store without burning a hole in your pocket. There are more than 1000 prints available, which can easily match any theme. The bulk section offers great discounts on their products to make these affordable for all. You can get either solid colors or designer motifs on the fabrics.