Best quality promotional fleece blankets and jackets.

High Quality Fleeces

Fleece is a great fabric option as it is a versatile fabric that is used for designing and developing jackets, vests, throws, and blankets. If you are looking for high quality wholesale fleece blankets and apparel, you should utilize the services of PeachFur Fleece.

They are a division of the HighMark Outdoor fleece clothing company. They have been a leading fleece product provider for over 11 years. They provide only the best quality fleece products/services. They have many clients who love their Wholesale Promo Blankets including Spencer Gifts, June Mountain Ski Area, and Dapy. They also provide products to various government agencies, schools, hospitals, and church organizations.

Their fleece products are both functional and versatile. They never go out of style and are great for many uses. You can even promote your business via fleece jackets and blankets. They can help you embroider your logo on your jackets with a one-time set up and digitizing fee of $100 for each logo. You can easily call or email them to let them know where you would like them place your logo. Their Wholesale Fleece Blankets are extremely affordable and are available in a variety of colors and prints. They offer wholesale ecofriendly recycle fleece, premium promo fleece, standard solid fleece, and standard print fleece.

They offer print styles such as cheetah, cow, leopard print, log cabin, tie dye, and zebra. They also offer solid colors such as cream, navy, black, forest, gray, orange, pink, purple, red, yellow, and royal. They also offer ecofriendly recycled fleece in eco black, eco blue, eco brown, eco burgundy, eco sage, and other eco colors.

They offer affordable Wholesale Fleece Fabric for as low as $3.75 a yard. You can choose from thousands of prints and match any theme that you may have. They offer bulk pricing to help fit your budgetary needs. They offer fleece fabric in rolls of 65 yards. They offer fabric in various shades of green, purple, pink, blue, yellow, and gray. They also offer wholesale fleece fabric in various animal prints, polka dot prints, star prints, flower prints, plaid prints, and more.

They also offer charity solid color blankets that you can purchase to make a difference to those in need. PeachFur Fleece provides people in need with quality clothing, blankets, and other items . They give primarily to US based charities but have also donated to people in need in Africa, Afghanistan, and South America. To view their extensive selection of fleece products, visit their website,,