PeachFur Fleece products best quality wholesale blankets and jackets.

PeachFur Fleece offers a variety of fleece products

If you are looking to purchase high quality, soft, luxurious, and affordable fleece blankets, you should look no further than PeachFur Fleece. They have been offering fleece products for more than eleven years. They proudly supply wholesale fleece blankets and jackets to government agencies, retail stores, hospitals, schools, churches, and other organizations such as Spencer Gifts, Dapy, June Mountain Ski Area, and more.

They also offer custom embroidered fleece blankets at reasonable rates. You can use their products for special events and promotional purposes regarding your company. All of their products are manufactured out of the highest quality non-piling fleece and are hypoallergenic, breathable, environmentally friendly, machine washable, and flame resistant. They are made in America, offer warmth without weight, are durable and soft, and are highly compressible. They also offer themes and prints that the can provide and create for you.

Whether you are looking for wholesale baby blankets, picnic blankets or throw blankets, they offer the best prices, colors, and prints. Their wholesale picnic blankets are a great way to enjoy the outdoors. They are hand crafted using only the highest quality premium fabrics. They utilize 100 % polyester fleece and waterproof nylon that keeps moisture and dirt out while providing a comfortable and luxuriously soft surface on top. These picnic blankets come with double web carry straps so that you can easily carry them to sporting events, hiking and camping outings, picnics, concerts, around the house, to outdoor parties, and on boating trips.

They also offer Wholesale fleece jackets, promotional full zip jackets, and quarter zip fleece jackets for your company or special event. They are made from 100 % non-piling 200 weight Polyester Polar Fleece. These fleece jackets are available in unisex sizing from small to extra extra large. You can call them to order by size. They also offer wholesale hooded sweatshirts that are made from 100 % cotton and are perfect for promotional purposes. They can add your company or special event logo to their hooded sweatshirts.

They are also active with many charities and donate percentages of their profits to charities in America and throughout the world. One of their current charities that they donate to helps with the aftermath of hurricane Sandy. They offer charity solid color blankets that are warm and soft. If you purchase these, you can help them donate blankets to those in need. They support organizations including churches, orphanages, veterans groups, and hurricane survivors.

To view their extensive product selection and order your custom fleece today, visit their website,